Labia Surgery

Price:$600 USD

Many women need to change the size and shape of their labia. The improvement of the labia size or shape will gain you more confidence with desire look.

There may be some medical reasons why women want to get labia surgery. The overly large or thick labia can give you discomfort when engaging in sports and physical activities.

To reshape female genital, it is a cosmetic surgery that normally done under general anesthesia or local anesthesia that may be combined with sedative chemical.

Labia reduction surgery is mainly focus on the desire of the patient and the recommendation of the surgeon. Normally the surgery will take only one hour to get things done.

The procedure of labia reduction will be done by reducing the size of the inner labia which is the inner genital lips. To do this the surgeon has to cut away unwanted labia tissue to make the desired shape.

Also the surgeon may remove a wedge-shaped section of the labia, leaving the front intact then remove the tissue from behind.

Therefore the color of the labia will has no change and it will be easily noticeable after the surgery.

To reduce the bleeding we can use a laser instead of a scalpel. This is alternative choice due to further discussion with the surgeon.

You may have to stay in the clinic or hospital overnight. After the surgery you will need 1 week off work to rest. Also it is recommended to have high standard of hygiene in the process of recovery.



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Dr. Sompob Sansiri has performed liposuction for over 10,000 patients in Thailand. These patients also include foreigners
from oversea.

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To get the best result of labia reduction, you need to do the computer image for yourself to see the different between before and after. If you have a chance to see the different before getting things done then you are likely to get the result that you want.


Before operation, please inform us if there are any allergies or serious medical conditions. Also please inform us all medication that you are taking.

Please contact us if you need any pick up on your arrival at the airport. We can help you reserve the hotel room and other arrangement if necessary.

However please inform us your flight itinerary one week before your arrival.

Post Operative Care      

- No doctor’s fee if any corrections are required. 
– All post-operative aftercare is provided without cost.

If you have any question please contact us.


  • labia minora reduction $600 USD
  • labia majora enlargement(fat transplant) $1200 USD

Price can be changed, please click here to ask for the price quote.

Recovery Time

7 – 10 Days


We accept wire transfer, credit cards, and cash. For more information about payment methods please contact us . 

Airport Immigration and Customs

Please present the supporting documents confirming the scheduled operation upon request. Please do not carry any unnecessary drugs or dangerous objects in your luggage.      

Appointment with Surgeon

Please click here to make an appointment or contact us for more information.

The prices of our service already included(if needed).

1. Consultation fee

2. Post operation fee

3. Medication fee

4. Doctor fee

5. Anesthesia fee

6. Lab test fee

7. Free pick up service from the air port / hotel

8. Cost of operating room

9. Hospitalization fee (if needed)

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