Dr.Sompob Sansiri – SP Clinic Fake Reviews by Dr.Pitch of Bangkok

Spammer attacks Dr. Sompob Sansiri – A Defamatory Case

Dr. Sompob Sansiri, who runs the SP Clinic—one of the most well-known cosmetic surgery centers in Thailand—has been attacked by someone who called himself “Dr. Pitch of Bangkok.”

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 The botched surgery  photos that the writer  claim to be of our patient  actually have an original  source from this link
 The post was old, and written on  September 12, 2009. Cleary  Dr.Pitch stole the photos, and  tries to defame us.
Please see for yourself, these links below are to the articles that written by the same writer
and all of them cheer up the name of “Dr.Pitch of Bangkok”. And the writer use the email
address called richarddvinson48 (at) gmail.com.

Caution: There’s only one guy called “Dr.Pitch of Bangkok”. So putting this nickname inside
all those fake claim articles is enough for him to get new patients, and money.

  If you can prove that these   photos of the patients   belong to us, we will pay   you $10,000 USD.

  We are ready to go to any   court, don’t be a coward….
if   you are the patients in these   photos and we did you wrong,   then sue us pleaseeeeee.
  The photos below are from   the articles that the writer   posted on free blog networks,   and they are not ours.

  For those with further questions about Dr. Sansiri’s other qualifications, it’s highly recommended that you
  contact the rest of these associations yourself. In the mean time, again, it’s important that any potential patient
  is acutely aware that the decisions they make regarding their own care is well researched and verified by as
  many outside, credible sources as possible. International Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, and association of the   International Board of cosmetic
Surgery The American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine The American Academy   of Cosmetic Surgery

As we dig deeper with our investigation with the false accusation of Dr. Pitch through a blog, we found out that the images attached to the blog are taken from different websites and definitely not from SP Clinic. Using Google images search engine those pictures are from (see below)

screenshot-by-nimbus (71)

screenshot-by-nimbus (73)

screenshot-by-nimbus (76)

As we matched those images through Google, the results shows that it came from a Blog (see attached link)
http://drtoriumipatienttestimoni alsandsugges.blogspot.com/2009_09_01_archive.html

The blog article was written last September 2009 by the said “unhappy customers” of Dr. Toriumi. To clarify the false accusation, this real fact proves that the Blog made by Dr. Pitch was made up to destroy the good reputation of SP Clinic.
On the other hand, the other 2 remaining photos was taken by different websites.
The picture below was originally from http://www.implantinfo.com/media/news/Symmastia-Breast-Implants-Photos.aspx written last May 10, 2010.

screenshot-by-nimbus (74)

And lastly, this picture was taken from http://allwomenstalk.com/photos-of-a-patient-of-dr-jan-adams with a caption “This lovely woman was left with horrific scars after a surgery performed by Dr. Jan Adams.”

screenshot-by-nimbus (75)

This is a very clear indication that the blog written with exaggeration in http://spclinicdangeroursdrsompobwarning.blogspot.com/2011/12/sp-clinic-warning-botched-surgeries-by.html?view=snapshot was false and made to destroy the good reputation of our Clinic as well as the good name of Dr. Sompob Sansiri

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